Know More About Our Brand

Yara Ashkar; an Ayurvedic consultant, yoga instructor, and the founder of REA; a space for holistic health, nutrition, and lifestyle that brings Ayurveda and Yoga into daily life. This space is where she shares her knowledge, offers valuable information, and provides services to help you achieve optimal health, balance, and vitality, naturally, with a modern take on ancient wisdom.

Our Mission & Vision

The discovery of Yoga and Ayurveda over 10 years ago has changed my life. Practicing these teachings helped me find my essence, free my body from the chains of my mind, and to experience true health. The profound influence it had on me, led me to study Yoga and Ayurveda in great depth, in their place of origin, India. After completing more than 500 hours of Yoga teacher training, learning and practicing Ayurvedic medicine, cleansing therapies, and Panchakarma in the Himalayas, I decided to go back and share my knowledge with others, to hopefully help them enhance their own lives, and to experience the benefits of these valuable sciences. I created REA as an environment in which you can learn about yourself, and live in freedom within your body and mind.